Social Media Addiction Bracelets

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Americans spend an average of 5.7 hours on their phone every day.

These bracelets were created to be a physical reminder that being present to the moment God has given us is what leads us to holiness. 

These bracelets are a reminder to take a break, log off, look up, and be present. 

The three bracelets are a “Look Up” bracelet with rainbow Czech glass beads and two accent pearls, a “Log Off” bracelet with yellow and white and gold Czech glass beads and two daisies, and a green and white and gold accent bracelet to remind us to do things that are life-giving.

Bracelets can be purchased individually or as a stack.


If you would like a custom size, please notify me in the note section of your order. If you order a custom size, your order processing time will change from 3-5 days to 7-10 days so the bracelet can be made to order.


The bracelet is handmade with Czech glass beads made in the Czech Republic.


Each bracelet is hand made to order with love and attention to detail. I try my hardest to get your bracelets to you as soon as possible. Orders should ship within 3-5 business days if they do not contain a custom bracelet or necklace.