Fiat Stack

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The Fiat Stack is the perfect pre-made stack- three bracelets purposefully made to accent one another and make life and decisions easy. Fiat is a Latin word, meaning "let it be done", and this bracelet stack can serve as a constant reminder that God's will be done.

The Fiat stack includes a Fiat word bracelet with white turquoise beads and gold-filled accent beads, a 14k gold-filled accent bracelet, and a rosewood stacking bracelet.

Perfect to easily gift to others or for yourself, you cannot go wrong with the Fiat stack!


If a size you desire is not listed or you would like a custom size, please notify me in the note section of your order.


Each bracelet is made to order with love and attention to detail. I try my hardest to get your bracelets to you as soon as possible. Orders should ship within 7-10 business days.