Hi, my name is Madison! I am a wife, mother, and missionary in Houston, TX. I created Be Rooted Bead Co. out of a deep desire to bring goodness and holiness into the ordinary and every day- allowing trend and tradition to meet.
I want to bring the richness and beauty and history of the Catholic faith into our current times. I minister to teens and thought it would be such a cool way to start conversations with them, by presenting to them and wearing trendy jewelry that also introduced their faith. This has resulted in many deep and meaningful conversations!
These bracelets and necklaces are also meant to keep us rooted in the present moment. The first bracelet I ever made had my daughter's name on it, because I wanted it to be a reminder to play with my daughter instead of scroll on my phone. This jewelry is meant to bring us back to what is at the heart of our lives- whether that is our children or spouse, a word that breathes life and purpose into us, a phrase that gets at the root of our identity and desires. My hope is that when you take a glance at your jewelry, you are provided with an important reminder.
All necklaces and bracelets are hand made with love and attention to detail. I hope you love your jewelry and would love to see photos of how you wear Be Rooted! Please follow us on Instagram at @berootedbeadco and tag us in your photos. Feel free to reach out to me at hello@berootedbeadco.com for any questions or comments you may have.