• To remind and inspire

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To remind and inspire

To remind and inspire

To remind and inspire

The Lily Necklace

Our newest necklace, to remind us of hope, fresh starts, and new beginnings- like the promise contained in crisp autumn air. With the ability to choose from a pearl chain, 14k gold filled chain, or mixed materials, this is the perfect necklace for everyone!

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Be rooted, be present, be holy.

Be Rooted Bead Co. was born out of a desire to bring goodness and inspiration into the every day and ordinary. These personalized bracelets are meant to remind you of who you are, who you hope to be, and what inspires you. Physical signs of inner truths, these bracelets remind you that you can be holy while doing ordinary things.


Take your custom bracelet stack to the next level with our new custom 14k gold-filled custom bracelets- designed not to tarnish and guaranteed to leave you smiling every time you look down at your wrist.


Create any custom bracelets of your choosing or add a 14k gold-filled accent bracelet to your stack!


Custom Bracelets

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